Peele Island Sessions (Spring 2022) - The Best of the Best

Working up a plan to record a trio album with Dean Drouillard and Adrian Lawryshyn in the spring. We'll hit a cabin for a week on Peele Island and lock in a dozen or so tunes live-off-the-floor.

Here's the current list of tunes in the running, if there's a particular tune you think we should include please let me know in the comments. 

Spotify Playlist of the tunes

1. Long, Long Day 
2. Communist Cafe 
3. Baby I'm No Good 
4. Your Eyes 
5. Sweet Valentine 
6. I Was Born 
7. The Road in Between 
8. Ballad of Bob Probert 
9. Tattooed Lady 
10. The New Girl Who's Causing A Stir 
11. Hey, Hey!  
12. The Ancient Seeds of Ojibway 
13. For the Woman 
14. Turn 
15. Roadside Motel 
16. Long Lost Love 
17. You've Got It All Wrong 
18. Musicians Make Great Construction Workers 
19. Sitting On A Bench 
20. Legacy