"[Ron Leary’s] smokey rye soaked voice has so many different ways of addressing his audience. We warm to it, get fired up for it, we sympathize with it when Ron sings for the down-and-out and downtrodden, and we even dance sometimes, or sing along when Ron is at his most joyful and exuberant. 

Whether he’s playing solo or with some of his crack sidemen…one of the reasons Ron’s live show is remarkable is that he’s capable of pushing us into an affinity it seems of emotional and affected places. 

Ron Leary is a songwriter’s songwriter. A thoughtful deliberate artist who knows the language of his medium and has put in his time of honing his craft.  

Ron Leary is a political songwriter because despite his focus on individuals living and struggling he’s often also reminding us of the larger social structures weighing down on his characters. And yet, Ron Leary’s dark social commentary alternates with a wide-eyed sense of romance, sense of joy, of levity. Ron doesn’t let the artful despair and desperation in his work drown out his overall desire to give the listener a good time, to raise our spirits, to be wilfully optimistic.  

And indeed, Ron Leary gives us a real tangible reason to be optimistic. Because here we have an artist who without any regard for any kind of economic pay off has dedicated his entire life to singing things he believes are worth singing for others."

- From the radio documentary “Ron Leary’s Long, Long Days” aired on CBC Radio One's program Bandwidth (Oct 22, 2011)