As Long As I Ain't Thinking About The Future

Ron Leary / Dean Drouillard

On March 25 of 2020 Ron Leary emailed Dean Drouillard a phone memo recording of a song called “Bled To The Bone” that he had written the previous night. It was a poignant and revealing folk song about the struggles that can come with being a working musician and how it was looking particularly dire during the COVID-19 lockdown. This song would be the first in a series of reactive, emotional vignettes that Leary would send to Drouillard throughout the spring of 2020 while both remained in their separate homes in Windsor and Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Dean recognized the urgency in Leary’s songs and began working with them. He transferred Ron’s phone recordings onto his Akai 4-track cassette recorder and began adding his own sounds, working quickly to reflect the in-the-moment recordings from Leary. After the first few pieces were complete they realized they were onto something exciting and necessary. They decided to complete an album.

The sound of the album that would become “As Long As I Ain’t Thinking About The Future” is inherently lo-fi, largely due to the media (iPhone, 4-track cassette) it was recorded to. But the practice of making this recording follows a natural line of how Leary and Drouillard created recorded music together in the 90s, when Ron would pass along cassettes of his original songs for Dean to add additional instrumentation to, each welcoming the other to share their artistic choices.
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Notes - Musicians Make Great Construction Workers

Producer - Johnny West
Musicians - Johnny West, Kelly "Mr. Chill" Hoppe and Alison Corbett

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Johnny West

Photos, layout and design by Johnny West

All songs written by Ron Leary (SOCAN) © 2020

Ron Leary gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Arts, Culture and Heritage Fund (City of Windsor) and the Ontario Arts Council in assisting the making of this recording.


Notes - Tobacco Fields

Producer - Andy Magoffin (House of Miracles)
Musicians - Dean Drouillard, Adrian Lawryshyn, Adam Warner, Mr. Chill, Tara Watts, Andy Magoffin, Johnny West, Rich Burnett, John Showman and Chris Coole

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andy Magoffin @ The House of Miracles, Cambridge

Additional recording at Hepborne Lab & Johnny West's Home Studio

Artwork - Matt James

Layout and design by Scotty Hughes

All songs written by Ron Leary (SOCAN) © 2017


Dependent Arising (2010)


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Notes - Dependent Arising

Producer - Dean Drouillard
Musicians -Dean Drouillard, Adrian Lawryshyn, Adam Warner, Kelly "Mr. Chill" Hoppe, Kate Maki, Ray Whimsey, Miranda Mulholland, Royal Wood and Chris Coole
The Damn Shames - Jesse Bellon, Andrew Masse, Royal Wood, Andrew Penner, Erin Brandenburg, Ray Whimsey, Ingrid Stromberg, Nathan Handy, Robin Pirson, Sarah Gravelle and Tyler Grace

Recorded and mixed by Dean Drouillard @ Dragon's Den Studio, TO

Drums engineered by Nathan Handy @ Eggplant Studio, TO

Mastered by J.J. Golden @ Golden Mastering, CA

Artwork - Stephen "Earl" Nilsson

Layout and design by Scotty Hughes

All songs written by Ron Leary (SOCAN) © 2010