"Our Dogs" 

Here’s a brand-new single (listen on the music page or wherever you prefer to stream music). It’s a song about a couple of kitties who snuck their way into my heart this past winter. 

This is Brando (aka Chonk Dog):

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New Weekly Gig - Phog Lounge (Windsor)

Weekly gigs are how I've survived as a professional musician these past two decades, here's my latest and I couldn't be more thrilled. Things fire up officially beginning Wednesday March 16th.

Picking Trilliums: The Next 50 (A Playlist)

I'm well into the song hunting/assembling of the 3rd set of 50 tunes for the Songs about Ontario Playlist which I've been working on over the past few months and well, I realized I never posted the 2nd set of…

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Picking Trilliums: Songs about Ontario (A Playlist)

I've started up a new research project...mining songs that situate themselves within the Ontario territory.

This will be an ongoing project for the foreseeable future so click follow and stay tuned (if you're not on Spotify see the playlist below…

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I Was Born (Official Video)

The lead off track from Tobacco Fields got the video treatment.

It was inspired by the classic City TV show Night Drive and features one of Canada's largest infrastructure developments of the past decade the Herb Gray Parkway right down…

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