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"musicians make great
construction workers"

(words & music by ron leary © 2020)

musicians make great construction workers
they’re used to walking the line
between life and death
whether it’s women, whiskey, tequila,
late nights, or pushing plywood through
a saw an inch away from the fingers

it’s a field of immigrants
busting their ass for way too low pay
but the musician is used to fighting
for every inch
and could lose it all in an instant
but steady pay
has them throwing caution by the way
should to shoulder, neck to neck
fighting for some bread

musicians make great constuction workers
they’re used to dancing the line
between life and death
whether it’s woman, whiskey, tequila
or running power tools that could
tear off your leg if you ain’t looking

but there’s one thing, it’s the mornings
they’re killers especially after
a gig and five pints
the true construction worker
he starts his drinking at 6 pm not 11
but instead of going to bed
he starts shaking, entertaining
‘til the wee hours of the morning

there’s a time when all good things
must come to pass
but no money in this world
could heal this hurting
that’s deep down, that’s the soul talking
ain’t no cure but sleeping in and singing
feeling alive, being alive
sure wish this could last a while

ron leary - vocals, acoustic guitar

johnny west - wurlitzer, bass, leg slaps, vocals