1. Long Point '89
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"long point ‘89"

(words & music by ron leary © 2020)

got a two-four in the back seat
headed south
cranked windows wide
yelling and screaming in the air
hot summer night full of anticipation
plastered all across our faces
we’re headed down to the lake
under stars, milky way

a long time ago
a long time ago

down at the sandy point
pennsylvania across the way
oh, america is just a dream to me
while jumping in the waves
full head of curly long blonde hair
how it flattened down so quickly
and stuck to her skin
while she was laughing
and swimming away

it was a long time ago
a long time ago
it was a long time ago
but still feels like yesterday

ron leary - vocals, acoustic guitar

johnny west - twelve-string acoustic guitar, six-string banjo, piano, harmonica, bass, shaker