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"the road in between"

(words & music by ron leary © 2004)

the sun sets on the american side
let's go down to the river tonight
they're in the sky keepin a close eye
just never know when we're gonna strike

life ain't so bad in a border town
name your vice it's sure to be found
whiskey's cheap, pour another beer
there's no sense sleeping til the sun is here

i must confess there are these times
where i just gotta leave to clear my mind
head on east, down the highway
just a couple more hours make it okay

so many rows of essex county gold
winding roads, so flat it goes
migrant workers out breakin their backs
i'm drivin 130 dodgin them on their bikes

the forest city signals the near end
just a couple more town along the thames
this is where it all began
in a place that prides its cow downtown

there's farms and homes and families and dogs
and clocks that tick along with jobs
wonderful things, maybe some day
but to this point they just keep pushing me away

it was nice to get away but i must return
to the rose city and all of its thorns
two separate lives at times exist
and the road in between is what i need