1. the end
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"the end"

(words & music by ron leary © 2005)

countin down the days until the end...
twenty plus years that i have put in...
my wife as of late she's become undone...
and our kids we all know that they're all on drugs...

stop wasting my time
climbin up the stairs into the sky
oh, today's the day
standin on the ledge in a gusty wind

with the risin sun another day's begun...
crawl out of bed oh this back it is breakin...
damn this traffic that's always in the way...
just in time to punch another day in...

there's just wasted time
pull that damn trigger and let it be done
oh, today's the day
there's blood on the street
and they'll clean it away

the clock strikes six and it's time to go home...
and the evening news oh it's so damn cold...

yes the day, it's winding down
checking the schedule i want to be on time
oh, tomorrow's the day
down at the tracks i will meet you that way
down at the tracks i will meet you that way
down at the tracks i will greet you some day

oh to pass the days away
you'll always be on my mind
until the end i'll just be
i'll just be dreamin away
oh, dream away
oh, dream away
the day