1. hey, hey!
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"hey, hey!"

(words & music by ron leary © 2000)

don't you think it's just a little too late
all this screaming is waking up the place
yes i understand
you would like for our relations to end

there's no need for you to rush out the door
i'll pour some drinks, stay and talk some more
i'd like to hear again the things you said
how you loved someone else in our own bed

is there anything that i can do
that'll help make this break up easier for you
i have a few dollars left that you didn't spend
maybe it'll hold you over til you meet another man

well hey, that's okay
i can sense some better days
well hey, tomorrow can wait
stay and talk over another drink
another drink?

nice to see you down the drink
missed your mouth again now it's running down your cheek
i'll lay a bucket at your feet
a slight payment for everything you've done to me

such good aim not a drop on the floor
moments like these makes life worth living for
now here's your coat let me show you to the door
forward two steps you're out stumbling down the road

well hey, the sun can shine
til the next time i let someone close my blinds
well hey, tomorrow can wait
i'll have a few more drinks before i call it a day
a day