1. Legacy
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(words & music by ron leary © 2008)

it’s a god damn shame
it’s a god damn shame
this legacy that we’re leavin behind
it’s a god damn shame

it’s been a hundred years for this old place
standin in the fields
yield after yield
but they’re gonna tear it down
bulldoze it to the ground
the city it’s a burstin at the seams

each town looks like the next
to the right and to the left
turn the lights on bright
lighten up the night
but the glowin on the screens of the television scenes
they flicker while the minds they turn to mush

the trucks they drive all night
so their cargos can arrive barely just in time
for the buying kind
but you know it won’t be long
for these fashions they all turn
and the earth begins to rise into the sky

the debate it is declinin
by the big men who’re decidin
what is best and right
it’s where their interests lie
but the truth it’s worth exposin
for these crooks they are deservin
their place amongst the devil’s of the time