1. Music is God
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"Music Is God"

(words & music by Ron Leary © 2014)

the work day ends, sun's long gone
put on the headphones start drinking alone
oh shake and sway, planted in my seat
using up whatever energy's left that i got to keep
holding on
the mornings come hard, there's just no other way
when you're a slave, it comes in so many ways
but music is God, set yourself free
let it roll on in, let it fill your veins
all morning radio dj's should be shot
buried six feet deep with their sexist, racist crap
oh never, ever be heard from again
free those radio waves from the shit they're saying
at the coffee shop i know that glaze
it's through decades of working each and every day
oh i seen it in the mirror, if i bother to look up
there's two black eyes a growing and a spirit near broke
holding on, holding on
holding on, holding on

Ron Leary – vocals, acoustic guitar
Dean Drouillard – electric guitar
Adrian Lawryshyn – upright bass
Adam Warner – drums
Mr. Chill – harmonica
John Showman – fiddle

* recorded at The House of Miracles
(additional recording by Hepbourne Lab)