October 5, 2020 - Playlist

1. Tim Heidecker "Fear of Death" Fear of Death

2. Cayley Thomas "Two Minds" How Else Can I Tell You?

3. Bully "Let You" SUGAREGG

4. The Psychedelic Furs "The Boy That Invented Rock n Roll" Made of Rain

5. Fenne Lily "Alapathy" BREACH

6. Moscow Apartment "Meredith Palmer" Better Daughter

7. Pottery "Hot Heat" Welcome to Bobby's Motel

8. L.A. Witch "I Wanna Lose" Play With Fire

9. Max Marshall "Everything They Know About You" CJAM Singles Club Oct 2020

10. Work Ethic "Bubble Gum" CJAM Singles Club Oct 2020

11. Torus Eyes "Pale Shadow" CJAM Single Club Oct 2020

12. Shadow Show "Is This A Dream" CJAM Singles Club Oct 2020

13. Daniel Romano "Green-Eye Shade" How Ill Thy World Is Ordered

14. Frankie and the Witch Fingers "Sweat Freak" Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters

15. Thibault "Drama" Or Not Thibault

16. Justin Latam & the Stride "You Don't Know Jack! CJAM Singles Club Oct 2020


cool track from Thibault "Drama" [Or Not Thibault]