Monday September 7, 2020 - Happy Labour Day!

1. Catriona Sturton "Calling From My Pants" Bumble Bee

2. Skinny Dyck "Dreamin'" Get To Know Lonesome

3. Talking Violet "Indigo" CJAM Singles Club (Sept 2020)

4. Dane Roberts "Dancing In the Living Room" CJAM Singles Club (Sept 2020)

5. Sherry Ryan "Stop the Trains" Weckhouse

6. Al Tuck "Small and Few" Live at Rebecca Cohn

7. MZTF "Torn Apart" Single

8. Johnny West "Hollow Mast" Year of the Sleepwalk

9. Thicc "All the People" Wanderfunk

10. Tara Watts "In the Backyard" About Love

11. James O-L "Depression Blues" No Fear

12. Dean Drouillard "Beyond the Bend's Empty Light" Single

13. Jackie Fitzgerald "Let the Old Men Call You Tiger" (the wreck of the) Jackie Fitzgerald

14. Allison Brown Model Railroad Town "Stitches and Incisions

15. R. Grunwald "Age" Oma


MZTF's 2010 single "Torn Apart"