Monday July 6 2020 - New Summer Tuneage

1. El Michels Affair "Enfant" Adult Themes

2. Pantayo "Kaingin" Pantayo

3. Rolling Black Coastal Fever "Falling Thunder" Sideways To New Italy

4. Clea Vincent "Sans Dec" Tropi-Clea 2

5. Joel Plaskett "Highway Heart" 44

6. Jon McKiel "Mourning Dove" Bobby Joe Hope

7. Jess Williamson "Wind On Tin" Sorceress

8. Daniel Romano "I Cannot Be More Lonely" Visions of A Higher Dream

9. James O-L "No Fear" No Fear

10. Sodra "Blackbird On A Wire" If You Knew Me

11. Border Patrol "Wasted You" The Worst Excuses

12. Little Kid "Losing" Transfiguration Highway

13. Subterranean Lovers "Two Twin Beds" Subterranean Lovers

14. Will Courtney "Loaded" Crazy Love

15. Why Bonnie "Bury Me" Voice


Jon McKiel's "Mourning Dove" Bobby Joe Hope