Monday August 17, 2020 - Playlist

1. Sweet Spirit "Behold" Trinidad

2. Kate NV "Telefon" Room For the Moon

3. Joel Plaskett "If There's Another Road" 44

4. Skinny Dyck "Running Kind" Get To Know Lonesome

5. Black Marble "In Manchester" I Must Be Living Twice

6. Johnny West "Embedded Ignitable/So Happy" Year of the Sleepwalk

7. Jason Molina "Old Worry" Eight Gates

8. Dana Gavanski "At Least I'm Free" Wind Songs

9. The Acorn "Crooked Legs" Glory Hope Mountain

10. Camille Delean "Fault Line (Late July)" Cold House Burning

11. Ryan Dillaha "Wide Open Skies" Closer to Better

12. Don Duprie "Somebody's Got To Win" Single

13. Chris Coole "Baby Blue" Tumbling River

14. Mike Galbraith "Out of My Mind" Here Elsewhere


Detroiter Mike Galbraith's beauty track "Out of My MInd," from the 2019 release Here Elsewhere