August 31, 2020 - Missing Pelee Island's 'Island Unplugged Festival'

1. Daniel Romano "Lilac About Thy Crown" Visions of A Higher Dream

2. Great Lake Swimmers "Alone But Not Alone" The Waves, The Wake

3. Tara Watts "Met A Girl" Pale Blue Moon

4. Wanderlust Club "Sexual Friends" Sexpectations

5. The Brandy Alexanders "Anastasia" The Brand Alexanders

6. The Kerouacs "Satisfy Me" The Kerouacs

7. Allison Brown "Currents Collide" Single

8. Fred Eaglesmith "Jenny Smith" Standard

9. Flower Face "Bedhead" Single

10. The Sadies "Dying Is Easy" The Sadies

11. Elliott Brood "Oh, Alberta" Tin Type

12. Drinkard Sisters "Apples and Oranges" Enough Already

13. Nudie "The Royal Tavern" Everything's Different in the Night

14. Huttch "Get Up" Huttchino


The Sadies "Dying Is Easy," from their 1998 release self-titled release