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The Travelling Salesman

Ron Leary is The Travelling Salesman every Monday on CJAM 99.1 (5-6 pm)

Past performances and interviews include Dave Dubois, Tara Watts, Johnny West, Emma Guzman, Jane Siberry, Mike Ward, Allison Brown, James O.L., Max Marshall, Kenneth MacLeod, Mike Galbraith, Fred Eaglesmith, Drinkard Sisters, Sodra, James Anthony, Matt Dmits, Travis Reitsma, Dave Russell, Karen Morand, MZTF, Kay Oh Chay, Nick Juno, Michelle Oberholtzer, Great Lake Swimmers, South River Slim, Years of Ernest, Justin Latam, Alison Corbett, Tony Coates, Slow Leaves, Catriona Sturton, Al Tuck, Danny Kroha, John Freeman, Matt Fredericks, Bruised Reed, Sebastian Abt, Bunky Hunt, Len Wallance, Bishop Boys, Teajai Travis, James McInnis, Allesandro Rotundi, Of the Pack, Jacob Van Dongen, Ty Sharon, Aaron Jonah Lewis, Kelly Hoppe, Maria Goggin, David Zelco, Steve Deasy, Border Patrol, Mike Beauchamp, The Scrappers, Dale D'Amore, Noire, Rod Strickland, Mohair Sweets, Midnight Metro, Les Morre, Sherry Ryan, R Grunwald...

Windsor-Detroit's Finest

Windsor-Detroit's Finest

Monday June 22, 2020 - An Hour with R Grunwald 

1. R Grunwald "Determination of The Crossing" Oma

2. Interview

3. R Grunwald "Fountain" SLOW Volumes: One

4. Interview

5. R Grunwald "State 12" States 11-15

6. Interivew

7. R Grunwald "Age" Oma

8. Interview

9. R Grunwald "Emily" Oma


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Monday June 8, 2020 - In Solidarity with the Black Lives Matters Protests 

1. Childish Gambino "53.49" 3.15.20

2. Kendrick Lamar "good kid" good kid, m.A.A.d. city

3. Tanya Tagaq "Uja" Animism

4. The Dirtbombs "Ode to a Black Man" Ultraglide in Black

5. Willie Dunn "I Pity the Country" Native North America (Vol. 1):  Aboriginal Folk, Rock and Country, 1966-1985

6. Brittany Howard "History Repeats" Jaime

7. A Tribe Called Red "The Virus" We Are the Halluci Nation

8. Witch Prophet "Musa" DNA Activation

9. Tony Coates "Faith" Single

10. Thundercat "Innerstellar Love" It Is What It Is

11. Gil Scott-Heron, Makaya McCraven "I'm New Here" We're New Here: A Reimagining by Makaya McCraven

12. Digging Roots "Spring To Come" We Are

13. Yves Tumor "Gospel For A New Country" Heaven To A Tortured Mind

14. Odetta "Glory, Glory" Odetta Sings Ballads & Blues

15. Blac Rabbit "Seize the Day"

16. Buffy Sainte-Marie "Universal Soldier" It's My Way


Check out the new release from Windsor's Tony Coates "Faith"

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Monday May 25, 2020 - The Return Back to the Airwaves Show 

1. Dead Ghosts "Drugstore Supplies" Automatic Changer

2. Daniel Romano "Super Pollen" Super Pollen

3. Hunnis "Dictator Cap" Hunnis

4. Yoko Ono "Death of Samantha" Approximately Infinite Universe

5. The Pack AD "Give Up" It Was Fun While It Lasted

6. Big Blood "Insecure Kids" Do You Wanna Have A Skeleton Dream?

7. Jimmy Byron "Epitaph" Same Game

8. Subterranean Lovers "Hints" Subterranean Lovers

9. Dean Drouillard's Guitar Ensemble "Beyond the Bend's Empty Light" Single

10. Sun K "Brittle Bones" Bleeding Hearts

11. Loving "If I Am Only My Thoughts" If I Am Only My Thoughts

12. Aaron Jonah Lewis "Mauna Loa" Mozart of the Banjo

13. Ryan Dillaha "Wide Open Skies" Closer to Better

14. Shannon Lay "Nowhere" Live at Zebulon

15. Sherry Ryan "Made It Own My Own" Wreckhouse


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