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The Travelling Salesman

Ron Leary is The Travelling Salesman every Monday on CJAM 99.1 (5-6 pm)

Past performances and interviews include Dave Dubois, Tara Watts, Johnny West, Emma Guzman, Jane Siberry, Mike Ward, Allison Brown, James O.L., Max Marshall, Kenneth MacLeod, Mike Galbraith, Fred Eaglesmith, Drinkard Sisters, Sodra, James Anthony, Matt Dmits, Travis Reitsma, Dave Russell, Karen Morand, MZTF, Kay Oh Chay, Nick Juno, Michelle Oberholtzer, Tony Dekker (Great Lake Swimmers), South River Slim, Years of Ernest, Justin Latam, Alison Corbett, Tony Coates, Slow Leaves, Catriona Sturton, Al Tuck, Danny Kroha, John Freeman, Matt Fredericks, Bruised Reed, Sebastian Abt, Bunky Hunt, Len Wallance, Bishop Boys, Teajai Travis, James McInnis, Allesandro Rotundi, Of the Pack, Jacob Van Dongen, Ty Sharon, Aaron Jonah Lewis, Kelly Hoppe, Maria Goggin, David Zelco, Steve Deasy, Border Patrol, Mike Beauchamp, The Scrappers, Dale D'Amore, Noire, Rod Strickland, Mohair Sweets, Midnight Metro, Les Morre, Sherry Ryan, R Grunwald, Don Duprie, Mark Sasso (Elliott BROOD)...

Windsor-Detroit's Finest

Windsor-Detroit's Finest

October 26, 2020 - Playlist  

1. Guided By Voices "To Keep An Area" Mirrored Aztec

2. The Nude Party "Lonely Heather" Midnight Manor

3. Loma "Ocotillo" Don't Shy Away

4. Leith Ross "Everyone I've Ever Met" Motherwell

5. Jonathon Ferris & The Respendents "Take Me As I Am" Put the Past to Bed

6. Adrianne Lenker "Anything" Songs

7. Kevin Morby "Campfire" Sundowner

8. Elliott BROOD "Oh Me" Keeper

9. The Flaming Lips "Mother Please Don't Be Sad" American Head

10. Gordon Lightfoot "Return Into Dust" Solo

11. Dana Gavanski "At Last I'm Free" Wind Songs EP

12. The Lemon Twigs "The One" Songs for the General Public

13. Andrew Vincent & The Pirates "One, Two, Three..." I Love the Modern Way

14. James O-L "Depression Blues" No Fear

15. Poor Player "Flame" Single


The Lemon Twigs "The One" Songs for the General Public


October 19, 2020 - Interview with Mark Sasso (Elliott BROOD) 

1. The Psychedelic Furs "The Boy Who Invented Rock n Roll" Made of Rain

2. Cut Worms "Every Once In A While" Nobody Lives Here Anymore

3. Cayley Thomas "Two Minds" How Else Can I Tell You?

4. Death Valley Girls "Hold My Hand" Under the Spell of Joy\

5. The Detroit Cobras "I Feel Good" Single

6. Tim Heidecker "Come Away With Me" Fear of Death

7. Thibault "Drama" Or Not Thibault

8. Camille Delean "Idle Fever, Out of Tune" Cold House Burning

9. Elliott BROOD "Bird Dog" Keeper

10. *Interview with Mark Sasso of Elliott BROOD

11. Elliott BROOD "Oh Me" Keeper

12. Gord Downine "Hotel Worth" Away Is Mine


Check on the hot new Elliott BROOD album Keeper!

October 5, 2020 - Playlist 

1. Tim Heidecker "Fear of Death" Fear of Death

2. Cayley Thomas "Two Minds" How Else Can I Tell You?

3. Bully "Let You" SUGAREGG

4. The Psychedelic Furs "The Boy That Invented Rock n Roll" Made of Rain

5. Fenne Lily "Alapathy" BREACH

6. Moscow Apartment "Meredith Palmer" Better Daughter

7. Pottery "Hot Heat" Welcome to Bobby's Motel

8. L.A. Witch "I Wanna Lose" Play With Fire

9. Max Marshall "Everything They Know About You" CJAM Singles Club Oct 2020

10. Work Ethic "Bubble Gum" CJAM Singles Club Oct 2020

11. Torus Eyes "Pale Shadow" CJAM Single Club Oct 2020

12. Shadow Show "Is This A Dream" CJAM Singles Club Oct 2020

13. Daniel Romano "Green-Eye Shade" How Ill Thy World Is Ordered

14. Frankie and the Witch Fingers "Sweat Freak" Monsters Eating People Eating Monsters

15. Thibault "Drama" Or Not Thibault

16. Justin Latam & the Stride "You Don't Know Jack! CJAM Singles Club Oct 2020


cool track from Thibault "Drama" [Or Not Thibault]

Monday September 28, 2020 - Playlist 

1. Pottery "Reflection" Welcome to Bobby's Motel

2. Wares "Surface World" Survival

3. Jonathan Ferris & the Resplendents "Take Me As I Am" Put the Past to Bed

4. Margo Price "Heatless Mind" That's How Rumors Get Started

5. Leo Kottke & Mike Gordon "Flat Top" Noon

6. Jenny Banai "Paper Plane" Couchwalker

7. Moscow Apartment "Halfway" Better Daughter

8. Corey Flood "Down the Hill" Hanging Garden

9. The Lemon Twigs "Somebody Loving You" Songs for the General Public

10. Osees "If I Had My Way" Protean Threat

11. Liela Moss "Atoms At Me" Who the Power

12. My Morning Jacket "Feel You" The Waterfall II

13. Dan Bern "Juarez" Ivan's Barber Shop

14. Jason Molina "The Mission's End" Eight Gates

15. Jess Williamson "Wind On Tin" Sorceress

16. The Pack A.D. "Dollhouse - Live!" Live! Vol. 1

The Lemon Twigs "Somebody Loving You" from the album Songs for the General Public

Monday September 14, 2020 Playlist 

1. Old 97's "This House Got Ghosts" Twelfth

2. Wares "Surrender Into Waiting Arms" Survival

3. Pottery "NY Inn" Welcome to Bobby's Motel

4. Tommy and the Commies "One Arch Town" Hurtin' For Certain

5. The Lemon Twigs "No One Holds You (Closer Than the One You Haven't Met)" Songs For the General Public

6. Ceu "Forcar o Verao" Apka

7. Kate Bollinger "A Word Becomes A Sound" A Word Becomes A Sound

8. Talking Violet "Indigo" CJAM Singles Club (Sept 2020)

9. Detroit Cobras "Feel Good" Single

10. Danny and the Darleans "Bug Out Bag" Bug Out!

11. The Stooges "Down On the Street" Live At Goose Lake: August 8th, 1970

12. The Dirtbombs "Underdog" Ultraglide in Black

13. Jason Molina "Whisper Away" Eight Gates

14. Gordon Lightfoot "E-Motion" Solo

15. John McKiel "Object Permanence" Bobby Joe Hope

16. Sweet Dave "Beautiful Nightmares" Pink Dreams

17. Yo La Tengo "James and Ira Demonstrate Mysticism and Some Confusion Holds (Monday)" We Have Amnesia Sometimes


Talking Violet's new single "Indigo"