Ron Leary to star in film shot on Pelee Island

A rather interesting development here, I've been cast in a short film called Retreat as a middle-aged musician who goes to Pelee Island trying to rediscover his creative spark. A stretch I know.
It's written by author/musician/performance artist Henry Adam Svec and will be directed by the great Erin Brandenburg and will no doubt be a visually stunning film, my mug aside. Tess Girard will be the Director of Photography and Andrew Penner the Music Supervisor. An incredibly talented and accomplished crew to say the least. 
Taking a crew of a dozen or so to Pelee Island will not make for a cheap venture and a GoFundMe has been set up to help cover some of the production costs. If you'd like to help make the film a reality please do consider a donation!
Here's the link, click 'read more' for all the details: 

Film Premise

Retreat is a 15-minute short narrative film directed by Erin Brandenburg, written by Henry Adam Svec, and starring Ron Leary. The story depicts grizzled songwriter Harold Murphy attempting to find solitude on a retreat to Pelee Island. He may be a local music legend, but Harold has lost his creative spark and he hopes that some time alone will enable him to write his next record. Instead of inspiration, Harold is distracted by the beauty and strangeness of the island, and by a migrant worker on a bike who haunts his days. Visually stunning, with scenes from the landscape of Pelee Island and music by acclaimed musician (and true local legend) Ron Leary, Retreat is an ode to searching for your artistic voice and finding it in the most unlikely of places.